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Please note that all the information collected and posted on this website is not available to the public. This website stores your personal information such as: * Your email id, contact details, physical address and (depending on the type of service being used by the users) financial details.

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Cheque Basis Loan & Finance only for BUSINESS PEOPLE in *Tamil Nadu *Pondicherry

Instant Loan Without Documents

Cheque Basis Finance Eligibility: At least 3 years in Business - Income Tax Return Filed.

Minimum 10 Lakhs Transaction Per Month.

Private finance on cheque basis

Business finance on cheque basis

Immediate financing arrangement on cheque basis finance to business

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Eligibility For Personal Loan Above 20,000 Salary Per Month.

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Privacy Policy

Please note that the personal information so collected is purely done to enhance our services and give our users a seamless web experience. Your information is used:

* To provide you better services
* Enable safe and secure trading environment
* To ensure that the website policies are adhered to by the users and no that the rules laid down by the website and those governed by the laws of the land are not violated in the best interest of the users and also of the website.
* To resolve disputes if any that may arise
* For collection of fees
* To troubleshoot problems the users may face at times
* To convey important messages, deliver promotional and marketing offers etc
* To keep a tab on our services and to receive your feedback of the same
* To enhance user experience
* To update users about the changes, additions, deletions to the clauses from time to time whenever such changes etc are made

Disclosure: works in the best interest of their users. Please note:

* The information/data collected by this website is strictly confidential and will not be made available or shared with any other party/organization.
* Personal information of the users will not be disclosed, shared, rented or sold to third parties without prior consent of the user.
* However, the website may be compelled to disclose personal information of the users in case of breach of trust by a user, or in cases where the Government or the local body seeks such information for legal purposes.
* reserves the right to use personal information in case it suspects of malpractices or fraud and when such information is sought by the judiciary.
* The user’s personal information may be disclosed in case of violation of other users’ rights, or to protect the rights and interests of other users of this website.
* The personal information may be shared with private agencies in case where illegal activity is suspected.
* The user information may be disclosed to our service providers to ensure smooth functioning of this website.

Using Information

You agree that information, data collected by you from the website will only for the purposes of following up with the users on this website and not for any illegitimate purposes or for spamming/phising.

Safe, secure environment

To ensure safe, secure trading environment for our users, we have employed several tools and systems such physical security, encryption etc. Such tools and systems are deployed to ward off scammers and unauthorized users.

So, although we are taking all the essential steps to protect your interests and your personal information, the information may still not be 100% secure against scrupulous users. You agree to share your personal data at your own risk.

Please be informed that it is presumed that you’ve fully read and understood the Privacy Policy of when you using the website.

Users fully agree that they are solely responsible for the consequences arising For when they use any feature of this website.

The website reserves the right to add, delete or modify the privacy policy from time to time as we deem fit. However, the users will be given prior notice of any such changes that we make. By accessing the website, you automatically agree to the modified policy.

Business Loans in Chennai

We help you find the best Bank/NBFC giving you the best interest rate for your Business Loan

How We Work?

Getting a Business Loan in Chennai now becomes simpler and hassle free. Just follow 4 simple steps and pump up your business with our user friendly loans.

Step 1

To avail a business loan, just fill up the simple form on this page. It will take you less than 20 seconds to fill up the details.

Step 2

Within moments, our patent algorithm scores through our database and will extract details of banks and NBFCs that match your criteria and are willing to lend you money.

Step 3

Once you finalize on a particular lending company, we will call you and help you with the formalities, documentation etc.

Step 4

Next, the lending company will collect your documents and begin with the loan processing procedure. Once your papers are approved and loan sanctioned, we will intimate you the same.

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