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Chennai Business Loans- Terms & Conditions

It is understood that customers (users) going through the website of Chennai Business Loans have gone through the below disclaimers, terms and conditions and agree to abide by the same.

No Warranty

This is to inform that Chennai Business Loans has undertaken all efforts to provide accurate information on the website, but it does not warrant the accuracy, completeness or suitability, correctness, adequate validity, whatsoever of the data provided here. Hence the information provided is not under any warranty, express or implied, as to their legal effect.

No liability to Chennai Business Loans

Though Chennai Business Loans has taken utmost care/precaution to provide reliable information, it will not be responsible for any error in the given data. Moreover, Chennai Business Loans also does not confirm that the website is free from virus and harmful components.

Users need to use any data/certificate/statement from the website at their own risk.

All data/certificate/statement from the website of Chennai Business Loans need to be used in adherence to applicable laws. Moreover, the company does not accept any legal obligation for the same.

If the transaction/statement/certificate available at the website are not as per the records or information that you have, you may write to Chennai Business Loans for clarification on the same. You can email us on

Chennai Business Loans has provided information on their website ‘as is where is’ basis. The company expressly disclaims to the maximum limit permitted by law all the expressed and implied warranties, including but not limiting to the warranties of merchantability.

Chennai Business Loans informs that they will not undertake any liability for mishaps, loss or damage caused to the users by the usage of the website.

Other Terms & Conditions

Users shall be solely responsible for keeping their usernames and passwords confidential. Only they are liable for any disclosure of the same to third parties, which also include representatives from Chennai Business Loans, agents of the company. Users are supposed to take all precautions to prevent the disclosure of the usernames and passwords to any individual.

Chennai Business Loans does not provide any timeliness about the services that are mentioned on the website.

Chennai Business Loans does not confirm suitability, reliability and availability of the services that have been mentioned on this website.

Chennai Business Loans cannot be held responsible if the data/information/statement present in the website gets distorted/ incomplete/ changed after print.

Chennai Business Loans is not responsible for any kind of damage, including but not limited to loss in usage, data, profitsarising out of website use.

Chennai Business Loans can stop the website services if the company senses any security breach.

Chennai Business Loans has provided the website services as a privilege to the customers but theycan levy any service charge as and when required. If the user is not ready to pay such charges, he/she may opt out of the Chennai Business Loans services.